Highlands County Commercial PACE Program Information

General Information

The below documents are provided by the program administrator (FPFA) and the program's capital providers and can be used as general references regarding what can be financed, who can use the financing and the process by which one would apply for financing. To begin an inquiry, please request an appointment *virtual* above, or reach out directly to one of the program resources listed below. 
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Case Study - Multifamily

Commercial PACE or C-PACE is new to Highlands County FL, but the program has been active throughout the state for years, check out this use-case from a completed project in Minneapolis, MN.   


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Eligible Improvements

Which energy-saving, renewable and resiliency measures are eligible for financing?  The quick answer is if it saves energy or water, it's likely eligible, but click "read more" to get more details. 


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C-PACE Primer

Explore the basics of C-PACE financing, including information on repayment structure, term length and several of the financial highlights that make this a valuable commercial real estate tool.


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About Highlands County Economic Development:
The Highlands County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) / Economic Development Commission (EDC) represents a public/private partnership between the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), the BOCC's Economic Development Office, and the business community. This partnership is designed to foster and promote sustainable economic growth in Highlands County. We have a commitment for growth and a determination to make your move to or expansion in Highlands County easy and worry free. The board's mission is to, "Enhance the quality of life in Highlands County by attracting a diversity of new businesses, increase industrial investment, and facilitate the retention and expansion of existing business and industry.". 

About CounterpointeSRE:
Counterpointe Sustainable Real Estate (CounterpointeSRE) is a leading commercial real estate finance provider specializing in sustainable infrastructure improvements through PACE financing. Counterpointe Energy Solutions together with its affiliates, including CounterpointeSRE, is engaged in implementing, funding, managing and administering PACE programs and is a program administrator in Chicago, California and Florida. 

About Florida PACE Funding Agency:
FPFA is an interlocal agreement created and established as a separate legal entity, public body and unit of government, pursuant to Section 163.01(7)(g), Florida Statutes, with all of the privileges, benefits, powers and terms provided for therein and by law. The Florida PACE Funding Agency is the “authority” that oversees the various “Program Administrators” that work with Homeowners to fund their home improvement projects.